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At Vorco Publishing, we value your privacy to an extreme degree. We recognize that most people on the Internet, like ourselves, are already a bit squeamish about revealing personal information to anyone... and we respect and honor that sentiment.

We have absolutely no desire whatsoever to know who you are, where you live or what you do. Your identity and your activities are your business and none of ours.

Absolutely no information about you is gathered by this website. Some websites claim that they compile “no identifiable information” on you. We’re not sure what they mean by “identifiable,” but presumably this means that they do gather some information about you, although they deem that information to be none-identifiable by their standards. We say, that's a bunch of double-talk. We gather absolutely no information on you of any sort at any time, “identifiable” or otherwise. Period.

When you browse our website, you are doing so completely anonymously. We do not collect any personal information on you... not even your email address or the type of computer and operating system you are using. Nothing.

We do not use cookies. No content of any nature will be deposited on your computer when you use and browse this website. When you leave this website, there will be no trace on your personal computer that you were ever here.

If you order anything from this website, then you will need to use PayPal to place your order. You do not need to have a PayPal account, but you do need to use their website and their banking services to actually place the order. In that event, PayPal will gather some required information from you to take your order. But none of that personal information is transferred to us... and we don’t want to see it, either. This includes your credit card number, your bank account number, your billing information or any other data you supply to PayPal. That information stays with PayPal, and we never see it.

If you ever write to us at a later time, subsequent to placing your order, we may need to obtain from you a minimum amount of information just so we can locate your order. If we need to know your e-mail address and/or the date you ordered, we will ask you for it directly. In that event, the only purpose we have for requesting that information will be to facilitate our ability to locate your order.

In addition to our privacy policy for this website, we urge you, as an individual, to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet. Change your passwords from time to time, use a combination of letters and numbers in your passwords, and make sure you use a secure browser.

Bottom line: We want you to be safe on the Internet. If you are like us, you detest the idea of giving your personal information to anyone at the other end of your computer connection, either willingly or unwillingly. We are private people too. We guarantee you that your personal information is secure on this website. We neither gather any of it, nor want any of it. Rest assured, when you are on this website, you are truly anonymous. And that's the way we want it.


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