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For more than twenty years, Victor Boc has been teaching the techniques in this book. Through articles, seminars and speaking engagements, he has helped thousands of individuals, from all walks of life, achieve financial success.

Victor has also been:

  • A top-rated radio personality. Victor has hosted radio programs nationally, as well as in cities like Cleveland, Boston, San Francisco, San Jose and Portland. He was awarded a place among “The Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America” two years in a row by Talkers magazine. Other awards include the Associated Press Best Commentary and Best Talk Host. He has served as news-director, talk-show host and disc-jockey.

  • A world-class professional poker player. Victor has won numerous tournaments and competed in the World Series of Poker as far back as the 1980s. He has appeared on national television, been written up in poker publications, managed a poker cardroom and taught poker at a junior college. He has supported his family (and others) for many years playing poker.

  • A popular nightclub deejay and entertainer. Victor has performed regularly to sellout crowds. His energy has turned several clubs into lucrative businesses.

  • A highly-respected business instructor and consultant. Victor has guided many enterprises and has been the owner of his own successful business for more than twenty-five years.

Victor does not let financial concerns dictate how he spends his time. His life stands as a testament to the methods he teaches.

Victor Boc, on the air at
 KPAM Radio, 860 AM,
in Portland, Oregon

Most recently, Victor hosted a daily radio talk-show in the city of Portland, Oregon. He was on the air every day from 3 to 6 pm (during prime afternoon drive-time), for nearly four years, on KPAM, 860 AM. The program was also simulcast elsewhere around the state of Oregon.

Prior to his program on KPAM in Portland, Victor was on daily, 3 to 6 pm, for four years at KUGN, 590 AM, in Eugene. Prior to that, he had a national talk show on 81 radio stations located throughout the United States. His program was broadcast every afternoon on the Talk America Radio Network.

Right now, Victor is taking a break from his daily radio program. And he is loving his hiatus. He devotes a great deal of time to hiking and romping outdoors, and he enjoys a steady stream of adventures with his son.

Over the course of his life, Victor has experienced many successes. His achievements do not fit into a narrow category. He is not an easy guy on which to pin a label.

To learn more about Victor, visit his personal website: victorboc.com.


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