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general information about the book...

Create a positive flow of money into your life!

This book introduces “the two-prong method,” the most powerful system ever devised to create a massive flow of money into your life.

   •  Operates at the most fundamental level.
   •  Gets to the root of all money problems.
   •  Based on state-of-the-art technology.
   •  Unique money-management approach.
   •  Engages the irrefutable laws of physics.
   •  Goes way beyond positive thinking.
   •  Proven method for guaranteed results.

This book reveals the underlying laws that govern the flow of money. You will learn how to totally obliterate all your financial worries forever. Please, reach out and take the prize that awaits you!

A few special words...

“Everybody, go get this book. The title is right, because that’s what it does, solve all your money problems forever!”
     — Iyanla Vanzant, co-host with Oprah
        Winfrey, five-time bestselling author

“I learned more from your book than from any other fifty I read. You were and are an inspiration to me. You have so many important things to tell the universe.”
     — Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the
         ‘Guerilla Marketing’ series of books

“I am now almost 49, married for 27 years, have four adult children and have my own consulting firm. Much of what I have accomplished has come from things I learned in your book. I have ordered copies on Amazon from all over the country and have given a copy to every client that I work with.”
     — Steve Hardison, legendary life coach
         who charges $150,000 for sessions

“If you want to create a positive cash flow into your life, there is no surer way than this material.”
      — Jim Leonard, creator of ‘Vivation,’
          author of ‘The Skill of Happiness’

Creating a Positive Flow of Money Into Your Life
written by Victor Boc

From the Introduction...

“In this book, I show you how to solve all your money problems forever. I introduce ‘the two-prong method’ and explain the particulars. I do not give vague instructions that leave you hanging in the air and wondering what to do next; I present complete and specific details on exactly what to do and how to begin. And doing this method is easy—in fact, it’s fun. Furthermore, you do not need to have any money set aside in order to start, not one penny! These are strong statements, I realize, but every word is true.”

A Message from Victor Boc...

“In all these years, no one has yet written a book like this one. To this day, it stands alone in its class.

“In this new edition, I have revised and expanded several areas of the text, and I have added some new sections. Although the message in the book is timeless, some of the material was ready for an update.

“We live in a different world today than we did even a few years ago. With the steady stream of bad news, the financial landscape is much more challenging than ever. Yet all the while, people continue to endure their slavery to money. This book is needed now, perhaps more than ever.

“I release this book, confident in the knowledge that it will enrich the lives of people from all walks of life. I firmly believe that this material has the potential to bring us together—young and old, black and white, liberal and conservative—and to contribute to an enlightened social fabric.”

Publishing History...

This book was first published mail-order, where it sold 200,000 copies worldwide. It was then released into bookstores, distributed by Midpoint Books. After that, the major publishing house Putnam picked up the book and published it through Perigee Books, a division of The Berkley Publishing Group, a member of Penguin Putnam, Inc.

Now... the author has updated and expanded the text. This latest version is available in two editions: paperback and eBook (digital). It can be obtained through this website.

New Paperback Edition
ISBN: 978-0-912937-32-8
Pages: 330
New Digital eBook Edition
ISBN: 978-0-912937-51-9
Pages: 330
Perigee/Putnam Edition
ISBN: 978-0-399-52378-6
Pages: 300


“The method in this book will unquestionably create a positive flow of money into your life, perhaps for the first time ever. Be prepared. When this flow starts, money may come so quickly and in such great abundance that, unless you are ready, a state of shock could result. Consider yourself forewarned.”


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