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what people who’ve read the book say...

“Thanks a billion for the most valuable information I have ever received in my entire lifetime—barring none! This is more than a dream come true.”
                                       — Dr. Vince A. Beasler, Shreveport, Louisiana

“It works!!! I have over $150,000 more than I had when I first read your book, and great potential for more.”
                                       — Sarah Romanow, Longview, Texas

“This book will easily be worth millions of dollars to anyone that reads it and uses it. I know it was for me.”
                                       — G. Nelson Rodriguez, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“This is the most fantastic and truthful information I have ever read. After the Bible, this should be number one to read.”
                                       — Robert Gagne, Plantsville, Connecticut

“$675,000 in less than 6 weeks. Holy Flying Godzilla! I cannot say enough about the two-prong system in this book. Do it. If you don’t, you’re a fool.”
                                       — Tim Hollingsworth, Tampa, Florida

“I put your material into practice for the past month. All I can say is I am amazed. If only I could have gotten this book twenty years ago, I could have spent all these years playing instead of struggling for a living. There is no way I can repay you for what you have done for me. Thanks for THE MILLION.”
                                       — Jim Radcliff, Portland, Oregon

“I read and applied the secrets in your book. Since I am the scientific type, I wanted to document the results. After $38,000 coming in, I decided your system works.”
                                       — Bill Elgen, Sacramento, California

“I got your book from a college professor who uses it in a class. You are right about good things coming so fast you better be ready. I was caught off guard. Now a half million dollars later, I can catch my breath and say, Praise the Lord for your book!”
                                       — Steven K. Wilson, Denver, Colorado

“I’ve gone through tons of books, but none has ever hit home like your two-prong method. There are so many money books. The difference between yours and theirs is that yours works! I’m amazed at the things that have happened in only 13 days. I know this is only the beginning.”
                                       — Linda Banta, Chicago, Illinois

“This is the best book ever written on any subject in the history of the world. You think I’m exaggerating? I’ll give you the phone number of my personal accountant, you ask her if my income hasn’t gone from 24k a year to more than 4.5 million.”
                                       — Rex Fisher, Houston, Texas

“On 9/21, I am on the Merv Griffin show. How did this happen? You made it happen. Am I reverently appreciative of your mind? You betcha!”
                                       — Jay Conrad Levinson, San Rafael, California

“The book and its methods work. I just secured $1,000,000. Thank you. My friends are baffled at the change in my life. I’m 44 now, and it’s nice to be on the other side of the fence finally.”
                                       — Leo J. Lorge, Camarillo, California

“This is the most fantastic book I have ever read. I spent hundreds of dollars on money schemes that are absolutely useless. For the first time in my life I am free of money problems. If people would read this, they would receive the same peace of mind I have.”
                                       — Mary Baker, Englewood, Ohio

“This is very serious. Since the purchase of your book I am near to being a millionaire. My delight is beyond words.”
                                       — Jose Martinez, San Antonio, Texas

“I believe this is what a lot of people need to read. Maybe if enough of our population could get ahold of this material, our country could get back on its feet. The U.S. needs something at this time. The whole economy is at stake.”
                                       — Carol Schneider, Libby, Montana

“I have been looking for this all my life, and I’m 55 now. This is the easiest, simplest thing to do I have ever read, and I’ve studied a lot. Thank you very much. You have changed my life.”
                                       — Dean C. Scott, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I’ve never been rich before, but now I’m on my way! It’s great!”
                                       — Trisha E. Morgan, Orlando, Florida

“You are responsible for over $22,000 gross sales in a few weeks! You have taken all the concepts we’ve read over the past 15 years and boiled them down. Your book is the first book I have ever seen that I could apply principles that work. One of my goals is that I earn a consistent monthly income of $100,000. Looks like we’re there!”
                                       — Hugh & Megan Smith, Winston-Salem, N. Carolina

“I used your book and just after a few weeks, I made over $40,000 in 2 days. It was amazing. Excellent book. It really works. I highly recommend it to anybody.”
                                       — Mario P, Toronto, Canada

“A whole new world has opened up for me. Believe me, I tingle with excitement. I’m going all the way with your proven method.”
                                       — Maria A. Lembros, Owings Mills, Maryland

“Well, the only thing I can say is this book works! I went from being overdrawn to having $10,000 in 8 weeks by applying the principles in this book. I have read heaps of books on manifesting but this one is simple, easy to apply and most importantly it works! I have even met my soul mate with the help of your book. If only I could get my copy of the book back from a friend I lent it to.”
                                       — Bernadette Stanhope, Noorat, Victoria, Australia

“I am so very well pleased with it, if you should try to buy it from me, I’d charge you much more than I paid. Really think it’s the best I’ve ever read.”
                                       — Pearl Norman, San Antonio, Texas

“You are doing a wholesome, beneficial service (a rare commodity today). Thank you for reestablishing our trust in mankind.”
                                       — Cliff Rowland, Hurst, Texas

“I know this sounds unbelievable, but three weeks after reading your book, I am worth over $120,000. And three weeks ago, I was homeless and penniless. Sounds like a fairy tale, but I’m not lying.”
                                       — Peter Stevenson, Sparks, Nevada

“Frankly, I feel like I have been converted—to humanity! This book belongs in the hands of every thinking adult in the country, because IT WORKS!”
                                       — Paul J. Thoennes, Bloomington, Illinois

“I am now almost 49, married for 27 years, have four adult children and have my own consulting firm. Much of what I have accomplished has come from things I learned in your book. I have ordered copies on Amazon from all over the country and have given a copy to every client that I work with. The list includes a pro golfer who will be playing in the US open, a gymnast who will be competing in the Olympics, several CEOs of billion-dollar corporations, Iyanla Vanzant (author of 15 books and talk show host) soon to be Life Coach on the television program called Starting Over, Steve Chandler (author of 7 books, including a best seller in Japan and in China. Steve is paid 40k a day to speak. I have been his personal coach for 10 years), and others.”
                                       — Steve Hardison, Mesa, Arizona

“Absolutely riveting! It is impossible, I’m sure, to read this book and not derive benefit. No one should pass up this fantastic lesson on money.”
                                       — Paul Chapman, Fairbanks, Alaska

“I got your book and I am ecstatic with joy (to say the least)! I would not part with this information for any amount of money.”
                                       — Louis J. Culmo, Ansonia, Connecticut

“Blessings to you for what you have written. I find this material invaluable. It gives me a step-by-step routine—definite, clear and to-the-point. I will never forget you.”
                                       — Martin E. Breithaupt, Glendale, California

“I purchased your book, oh, maybe a year ago. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have been blessed financially this past year. I was given an large raise at work. I won $3,000. I am getting more back on my income taxes this year. Need I go on? I have been truly blessed in my life in many ways, and this past year has been miraculous.”
                                       — Carole McGeary, Washington, DC

“I feel like a blind man who was searching for the light and finally regained vision. What more can I say except thank you for a new life. Now it’s my turn to be successful.”
                                       — Mitchell B. Mays, D.C., Lodi, California

“If only I had this book years ago. But let me say I lay regrets aside and move ahead at 78 years young. I feel I have everything to gain. I am enclosing money for another copy. When my daughter saw mine, well, what can I say—she needs one of her own. Am I grateful for the day I saw your book!”
                                       — Maria Bender, Sutton, Nebraska

“I believe you saved my life. I have not gone one single day without thinking about what you said in your book. I can never repay you for you were the one who showed me how to make it a reality. I am holding back tears as I tell you that my life today is better than I thought it could be.”
                                       — Dana Lynn Jacobs, Williamsburg, Virginia

“Your book is the one that puts it all together. I have read many books. Most were money, time and effort wasted. Yours is the first one that I wouldn’t want to miss under any circumstance. A check is enclosed. Please send another one. I never want to be without a copy.”
                                       — Charles W. Garrett, Burlington, North Carolina

“Two weeks ago, I picked this book up. My money situation had become desperate, living on the couch of an ex-boyfriend!! Ugh. Decided to try the plan for real, what did I have to lose. I just obtained 10 TIMES my salary. This is definitely a direct result of doing the plan in this book. At this point, I am ecstatic, my life is about to change big time, and can say for certain that this plan works!”
                                       — Donna Martinico, Honolulu, Hawaii

“I was pretty well off already, so I thought what do I need this book for? Boy was I wrong! Now looking back I see my life was a joke. Now my business is prospering, my wife is so happy she’s hard to live with, and I am as peaceful as the lake we sail on.”
                                       — Dr. L. Gordon Johnson, Springfield, Missouri

“This is what I have searched for for years, but all the books I have read never explained the matter to add meat to chew. Your book is starting to do wonders for me, even at this time. I am making a bank full of money in the area surrounding Ft. Worth and Dallas, Texas. It is all made simple with your book.”
                                       — Adrian A. Armstrong, Madisonville, Texas

“Your book did not leave my hands until it was completely read. For me, it was like finding the missing link. You have broken the code. You have found the key. I see now what I was missing. It is the key to attaining everything I ever wanted.”
                                       — Joseph R. Ducote, Leonardtown, Maryland

“No previous knowledge is required, nor is any faith or belief that this method will even work! Disbelieve if you like, but just try it out as an experiment. It really does work, and surprisingly fast. This is one of the best books I have ever read. It’s a ‘10’ from beginning to end.”
                                       — David, Washington, DC

"Your book has been absolutely instrumental in me creating a net worth in excess of 2.5 million dollars. No question about it, the principles in this book that I practiced led directly and unequivocally to the results of turning me into a multi-millionaire.”
                                       — James Harrison, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“This book completely changed my life. I was broke in July 2018. Zero income. Negative bank balance. No unemployment income. By the end of August 2018. I had brought in over $13,150. By the end of December 2018, I had earned over $30,400...since AUGUST. I now routinely take screen shots of my bank accounts (yes, “accounts” plural) Because I’m still so... amazed. The title sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s actually true. True as in: over $30K in 4 months after being broke for a year and a half. It works. I have proof.”
                                       — The Lady, An Amazon Customer

“I have been a fan of your book for 5 years and have experienced amazing positive results.”
                                       — Colin Irvine, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

“I wish I had read this book about ten years ago. I can only say that the techniques in the book are life-changing. I have applied the techniques to many areas of my life. Highly recommended to anybody who wants to make a change in their life, financial or otherwise. The best part is that you can completely reorient your life, money, health, happiness, and everything with this one book. What a wonderful way to make positive yet painless changes! Thank you, Victor!”
                                       — Daniel Hamilton Miot, Dallas, Texas

“I want to thank and congratulate you for your book on how to end money problems. It must work because last Saturday I won a 30 EUR prize in the lottery.”
                                       — Transito Marban Pinilla, Madrid, Spain

“Wow! I just finished updating my goals. I had to, because so many of the first ones have been manifested with what can only be termed: ‘stunning accuracy.’ I am totally sold on your methodology, and would recommend it to anyone.”
                                       — Dave Price, Denver, Colorado

“What a thrilling book this is. I am moved by it. I cried when I saw the naked truths about myself and money. They were tears of hope and new understanding. Of course the understandings transcend money itself yet they are tied to the subject of money. My new life awaits me. I am grateful I have the method to get there.”
                                       — Rick Dubov, New York, New York

“There is no way I can thank you enough. Surely, we are brothers now, for I have received your counsel, and I have come to know your truth. As for your love, I am sure we are one in it.”
                                       — Ronny Gullotta, Farmingdale, New York

“After all the books, I have gone back to basics. Your book is the only one I ever needed. Victor, thank you 1,000,000X for writing this book!”
                                       — Gabe Watles, Norfolk, Virginia

“I can’t say I discovered your book—it seemed to discover me. I walked past it on a table of paperbacks at Borders one day and it seemed to ‘buzz’ at me. I NEVER buy self-help books and NEVER buy money books but one look at your book and something seemed to click inside me and I immediately bought it. And then, in the face of my husband’s and friends’ amusement, I gave your program a try. Money started coming in. Chunks of it, from unexpected directions. So Victor, thanks! For those of us with the courage to look like idiots, you have been a tremendous resource!”
                                       — Christina Medvescek, Los Angeles, California

“I am 34 years old, married and have two children. I just finished reading your incredible book. Reading this book is actually better than finding a Magic Genie; with the Genie I would be granted only three wishes...”
                                       — V. S., Salem, Oregon

“Do not underestimate the power of Victor Boc’s incredibly simple method of obtaining anything you want. This book is a must for every single person on this earth because it allows you to make your dreams come true without taking anything away from anyone else. I still can hardly believe it even though the proof is right in front of me. This book is worth 1,000 times the price but you won’t know it until you read it. It has changed my life permanently.”
                                       — A customer from Amazon.com

“I’ve studied tons of metaphysical books, teachers and methods over the last 24 years. Your book puts everything together in one package. In short, the saying, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will show up’ is once again true. I also want to teach a class based on your book.”
                                       — Jay O Wilder, Oceanside, California

“Your book totally changed my life. I am not one little bit like the person I was one year ago. I am now rich, healthy and abundantly happy. Then I was broke, lonely and miserable. It’s not even the same planet for me now. How can I possibly say thank you to you for that? There are no words sufficient.”
                                       — Dale Smith, Charlotte, North Carolina

“I bought your book a few months ago, and I personally want to thank you. I achieved unbelievable results! My three wishes came true, one of which was to look gorgeous, which I can’t even believe it! The day before Christmas, I won a brand new car! That happened due to your method. From your book, I realize it’s actually ME who decides what comes to me in life. I want to thank you with all my heart!!!”
                                       — Steffie Grim, Germany

“I’ve just finished reading your book 6 more times. This book has changed my life. Not because it is solving my money problems, brought into focus how to change my thinking and master my subconscious. I have, for many years, read self help books but always the understanding of how the subconscious works, in relation to the physical world, was missing so I could never really buy into it. Finally I know how, and so much has changed in my life and is currently changing in my life. Thank you for taking the time to put into words what I have needed all my life.”
                                       — Chris Bryant, Detroit, Michigan

“Your book sets down ways to concentrate power into one strong force. I used your method and I know it works! Following the guides in your book, I have achieved all I want.”
                                       — Robert Heath, Venice, California

“Changing reality may seem like delusion, but don’t be deceived into missing out on what may be the best understanding and experience of life!”
                                       — Hope Daly, Eliot, Maine

“This book is simple, straight-forward, and realistic. My husband has doubled his income since applying these methods. It’s more than a money making guide, it’s a happiness guide.”
                                       — A customer from Amazon.com

“I want to thank you for sharing this information with me and the rest of the world. It would not be an understatement to say that your book has literally changed my life! I can honestly state that the effect on my life, as a whole, has been profound. Many, many thanks to you and your method. Right after the Bible, it has had the single greatest impact on my life of any book I’ve ever read.”
                                       — April Manning, Dallas, Texas

“My name is Ari, I’m 29 years old. I already read your book. I’m in the first month of the program, and it’s already changed my life!”
                                       — Ari Say, Santa Fe, Argentina

“I have followed your methods, and everything is so much better than ever before! I keep getting little mental orgasms because everything just keeps clicking. It amazes me that these laws can be applied to other things in life too. The whole world should realize what good it could be. Your two-prong method works, and it’s even fun and exciting thinking about it. I’ve been waiting for your words all my life.”
                                       — Dan Dimitrov, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“Your book is incredible. If I could, I would bronze it—every single solitary page. It has changed my life beyond recognition. Much, much appreciated!”
                                       — Pamela Sweet, West Covina, California

“I can never thank you enough for writing your book. It’s changed my life. I bought it skeptically more for entertainment than anything else. I got a big kick out of it and tried your method, laughing to myself while I did it. I thought it was so simplistic and ridiculous it could never actually work. I’m the kind of person that has a good time trying new things (always legal, moral and appropriate), so I decided to do an experiment with your method. All I wanted at the time was a new double wide mobile home (which I’d been wanting for many years) and to sell some building lots that I couldn’t seem to get rid of. It’s nine months later and my new 2,100-square-foot, 2-story home is scheduled to be complete around the middle of July. I sold 3 of those building lots so far this year and it took me all year last year just to sell one! Also, my husband has no idea what I’ve been doing because he’d laugh me off the planet!”
                                       — Annaliese R. Dell, Williamsburg, Pennsylvania

“Your book is the finest, in this line, I have ever read, and I have many of them. Enclosed is $45.00 for three more copies.”
                                       — W. L. Merkle, Forestville, Pennsylvania

“Zero fluff. Zero woo woo. Just straight forward theory presented clearly and concisely with great examples.”
                                       — Sheila Brown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I am so grateful to you for this book. If you ever wanted to know how much you help people, please know that this is PROFOUND for me. I even cried and said Thank You, Thank You, Thank You all day. I thanked God, as well, because I have been asking and ‘seeking’ for some answers and your book is it!!!”
                                       — Linda Brunz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 “I was given this book as a Christmas gift. I immediately put these things into practice. I received $20,000 dollars as a result of this. Mr. Boc’s methods truly work.”
                                       — Stephanie Hicks, Houston, Texas

“You cannot imagine the gratitude in my heart and the blessing I feel toward you eternally. I never forget a kindness, for I am not a taker but a giver. Please accept my deepest appreciation, not only for myself but for all of mankind.”
                                       — Dr. Edythe Grafner, Bismark, North Dakota

“What a remarkable secret! You really let the cat out of the bag with this one. I never would have thought of doing this if you had not told me about it.”
                                       — Patty Anson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I read your book several years ago and put your suggestions to work in my life. We bought the land of our dreams with the most incredible view. I can’t thank you enough for writing that book!”
                                       — Veronica Stapleton, Seattle, Washington

“Just so you know, your method works. I’ve had the greatest of success, and it is continuing. It’s my wish that your book is discovered by many others, especially when they have no economic success, as was my case.”
                                       — Linda Arden, Washington, DC

“I have so much LOVE & GRATITUDE for Victor and his gift of a book that it’s hard for me to express it in words. The total amount we have been given equals almost $300,000. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this huge win is a result of the shift Victor’s technique created in my whole being. Thank you Victor! May God bless you infinitely.”
                                       — BlueSky, An Amazon Customer

“Not only has my income expanded significantly, but I have been able to use these teachings to become more of a whole person.”
                                       — Gregory A. Brown, Columbia, Missouri

“It worked. Six months later, my life looked completely different. I had an income. I was dreaming. I was planning my future and being who I wanted to be in the world… I could finally access my creativity now that it wasn’t pinned under the stress of debt.”
                                       — Carrie & Danielle, carrieanddanielle.com

“There is no possible way I can express what your book has done for me. I was destitute and on the verge of total ruin. I thought suicide was the only way out. Now a year and a half later, I am wealthy, and mean very wealthy not just few measly 100 thou of worth, I have a beautiful wife and a gorgeous home in the burbs. My life is a dream. When I think back to where I came from, I can barely hold back tears. I attribute this to the teachings in your book. How do I say thank you for that? There is no way.”
                                       — David Sanders, Bakersfield, California

“I really love this book - I’ve used it for years, and it really works. I think the great thing about Victor Boc’s approach is that he really gets down to the nuts and bolts and tells you exactly WHAT TO DO in very clear, straightforward language. Stick with the program, and see the results!”
                                       — Maheshvara, London, United Kingdom

“One by one, the author answered questions that had troubled me all my life. He explained the cause of every financial problem that I’d ever experienced, directly and simply. As time passed and the method continued to work, I stopped worrying. The lines began to leave my face, and I slept well at night. Now seven years have passed. The Secret is all the rage, but this book came first, and every word of it is true.”
                                       — A.M. Koosed, Westport, Connecticut

“Some weeks ago I stated in a post that I believed that this book would transform my life, and it did. As soon as I applied the techniques, the floodgates seemed to open. I will always be grateful to God for the day I spotted this book on my way out of the library. Don’t take my word for it, read it, apply the techniques and see for yourself.”
                                       — M. Martinez, Chicago, Illinois

“When I started this book, I felt very helpless and like a prisoner to my circumstances. But then - all of the sudden, I was able to see my way clear because Mr. Boc gave me very good insight about what I could do. Read it for yourself. You will see and your dreams will begin to materialize.”
                                       — A customer from Amazon.com

“I’m sure you’ve had your share of praise, but here’s one more. Doing your method exactly as you describe it, $75,000 landed in my pocket. There is no other explanation.”
                                       — Tiffany Lee Harrison, Austin, Texas

“This book is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life of reading literally thousands of books. This should be required reading for any human on planet earth. If everyone read it, we’d all be rich and there would be no struggle or strife anywhere. And yes, that is possible! I know that now after reading your magnificent book.”
                                       — Dr. J. Frank Williams, Orlando, Florida

“At first I thought this book was just another ’your thoughts control your world’ kind of book. Just when I thought I had read it all on ‘prosperity thinking,’ the author gives it a whole different angle. Buy this book. The price is right, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”
                                       — Rhino, Saint George, Utah

“Simple to Intergrate, Powerful to Operate. Another book with a huge claim-implicating title which is filled with fluff and has no impact on ones life, right? WRONG! This book more than backs up its title and contains a simple two pronged method, that if applied, will change your life and your finances forever. If you are tired of worry and are ready to change your relationships and expectations of money, don’t hesitate get this book NOW!”
                                       — Todd Sullivan, Mount Vernon, Washington

“I want to congratulate you on writing such an important book. The content was of great value, and the way you wrote and presented the information was like a written mosaic of fine art. I now have the sense of freedom and wellness as well as the hope, inspiration, and direction for a greater future!”
                                       — Mike Brewer, Buffalo, New York

“I am a reader of your book, I’ve read for 10 years. Now I understand! Thank you!”
                                       — Chen Jie, China

“I cannot thank you enough for your excellent book. I got it on my 32nd birthday; what a wonderful present! It has had a terrific impact on my life!”
                                       — Marty Schirn, Iowa City, Iowa

“This is a must read book for anyone who needs a good understanding about money and how to get it and keep it flowing in your life. I am excited for anyone who takes the time to read this book and puts the information to work. Amazing results will follow. You’ll see. If it’s happening for me, it will happen for you too.”
                                       — Bear, Palm Beach, Florida

“I acquired this book about a week ago. Wow, it’s so amazing, it’s unputdownable! This book is one of the greatest books ever written about money. I wish I had read it many years ago. Mr. Victor Boc is a genius of an author. He helps the reader to see money differently. If you read it, you’ll change dramatically for the better.”
                                       — Takashi Yumiba, Tokyo, Japan

“After finishing this book within 2 or 3 days, I began to practice. It has been several months now, but right from the very first week of beginning your 2 Prong System, money began to roll in from all sources in amazing almost unbelievable ways. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and book with the world!”
                                       — Gary Perez, Los Angeles, California

“If you want to create a positive cash flow into your life, there is no surer way to succeed than this material.”
                                       — Jim Leonard, Palm Beach, Florida

“More than just a book, more than just a guide for change, the lessons learned from this book will accompany you forever, wherever you go. This is the key ingredient for everlasting success. It not only will free you up from money related issues, but will give
you a peace of mind and a lifetime of success.”
                                       — Juan Jose, Houston, Texas

“Finally the book I’ve been searching for! This book truly does what the raft of other books promise, but don’t deliver.”
                                       — Kauve, Aurora, Colorado

“The Best Book Ever! People around me know something obviously has happened to me, and I just smile to myself because something sure has happened! I have such an awesome handle on how to maneuver successfully in life, and money really is flowing toward me! I am going to purchase copies and when someone asks me, ‘What in the world happened to make your life transform like it has?” I will give them a copy, smile and say, “Here, enjoy this as I have.” Definitely a TREASURE. I’m so thankful I found this book when I did.”
                                       — Ms. R, from Amazon.com

“First of all, God bless you for being you. Received your book some 30 days ago—and needless to say, I am overwhelmed.”
                                       — Dennis A. Miller, El Cajon, California

“Imagine someone telling you there were only two consistent actions you’d need to incorporate in your life, and that those two actions would result in a positive change in your financial life forever? Would you take those two actions? Where Boc really excels is selling the reader on how and why the method works. Better yet, read it then TAKE ACTION. You’ll be glad you did.”
                                       — Gary O. Clement, Shreveport, Louisianna

“The book is inspiring and gives real hope; so much that I have read it cover to cover a number of times. The book is great.”
                                       — Joe Zisis, Los Angeles, California

“The book gives a whole body of information that ties it all together. After reading it you know what you have to do, why to do it, how to do it. Most of all, it made me act, because of the feeling that ’You know all you have to know’ that it gives you. Worth every penny even if it’s 3 times its price.”
                                       — Caroline Franklin, Paris France

“As an avid reader of everything I could lay my eyes on since age 6 (I’m 56 now), I have only one comment: excellent!”
                                       — Ben Gray, Orlando, Florida

“Thank you, Victor Boc, for writing an inspiring book. You have helped a disabled lady gain the extra confidence needed to push ahead. Thanks to you, it’s full steam ahead.”
                                       — Alex Daniel, Liverpool, England

“I have read a number of books along the lines of this one, but this beats them all! Many of the others make finding the “secret“ difficult. Victor Boc cuts right to the heart of the process. You WILL notice an immediate shift in your life! This book is life changing.”
                                       — David Scott, Waldport, Oregon

“I followed the instructions given as I was reading through the book. Though I had not completed reading the book, I still received positive results IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS of following the instructions given. This successful experience has left me with such a feeling of peace, finally I believe that I can seize control of what happens in my life and cause it to be far more positive than ever before. This book is not just about solving money problems, but the methods taught can solve all kinds of problems and challenges.”
                                       — Kim Mayhew, Marion, North Carolina

“I can’t believe how easy it is to make money now. I can’t STOP money from coming in. This book is freakin amazing!”
                                       — Jefferson Coombs, Saratoga, California

“For me, this book has created an energetic shift that’s impacted every area in my life. I’m calm, centered, and crystal clear about even more than money matters. By following the practices outlined in the book in just a short period of time, less than a month, I have seen improvements in my career, and relationships too.”
                                       — Christy Sims, Los Angeles, California

“This is by far and away the best book on manifesting that I’ve ever read. The fact that this book focuses on exactly ‘what to do’ really helps to prevent the feeling of overwhelm which is one of the most common responses to so many books and courses. The book is so inspiring yet so very practical - I love it.”
                                       — Beverly Adams, Paris, France

“This book is a MUST read! It does exactly what the title says which is solve all your money problems forever. I highly recommend buying this book for teens and pre-teens; get them started early on so they never have to worry about money. If you are serious about financial freedom then buy this book and do what it says. Voila! Financial freedom!”
                                       — Vania Monroe, Lawrence, Kansas

“So Simple, and easy to do. I love practical advice, and this book is chock full of it.”
                                       — C-Flo Enterprise, Tampa, Florida

“It’s not often something comes along and resonates in your spirit as an Ah Hah moment... Well this was one of them!”
                                       — Angie Baker, Westport, Connecticutt

“I have been interested in financial freedom for several years and have read fairly widely on the subject. Some of the offerings are confusing, some padded full of irrelevance and some down right dire. Occasionally one comes across something worth reading. I would say that Victor Boc’s book goes beyond the ‘worth reading’ and into the ’must read’ category.”
                                       — Ann Gamblin, London, England

“It works! That’s huge for me as it makes me feel in control rather than hopeless.”
                                       — James Bower, Kansas City, Missouri

“I’m so grateful to have found this piece of rare gem. It’s a book unlike any other book. Victor gives clear and easy instructions on how to make your dreams come true. I truly believe I’m on my way to becoming a millionaire.”
                                       — Savanna Phin, New York, New York

“This is one of those books that you don’t walk to - you run to it and absorb it like it’s the last written tome on the planet. The truths in this book are like nothing I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve read a library on the themes in this book. There is something magical in this book, and the best part - the truly unbelievable part - is it’s all verifiable. If you don’t do anything else to improve your lot in life as you strive for financial freedom, you need to read this book and give the methods Victor describes a chance. It would be irresponsible of me to make this recommendation if it wasn’t true. And it would be irresponsible to rave as I have in this review unless this method works. I should know, because I dove head first into the steps towards positive money flow and, within two weeks, $10,000 flowed into my life like a freight train!”
                                       — Jay Taffet, New Orleans, Louisiana

“This is a great book and the strategies really work. Even if you are skeptical, just try it out and you will be amazed. I have recommended this book to a lot of people and everyone who sticks with it, sees great results.”
                                       — Ashley Bagni, Houston, Texas

“The best book on manifestations I’ve ever read... and I’ve read most of them. Mr. Boc lays out a complete plan that connects the control-your-mind/control-your-future type thinking with the we-are-all-one-with-the-Universe type thinking and shows you a practial, simple, and easy method to use to solve all problems, not just money problems. And he does it with personable humor and a light touch. I’m buying copies for all my friends!”
                                       — A customer on Amazon.com

“I already feel richer! The book is well-written with no fluff, and the author obviously is light-hearted and has a great sense of humor. This may be the best money I spent on myself in a long, long time.”
                                       — Suzanne Walker, Modesto, California

“I have read dozens of books, listened to teachings for many hours and practiced positive thinking till my ears went blue. But still my issues around money keep me awake at night. All of my prior learning had left me feeling like I was stabbing in the dark. It still felt like a secret gift for the chosen few. Not so this book. From start to finish it was a clear roadmap to success. It makes sense on so many levels. If you never have enough money and are committed to changing that, then get this book.”
                                       — Milly Simpson, London, England

“When others say change your mindset, this book tells you HOW to do it. What is new about this book is that the author explains exactly how to make these concepts/principles to work for you.”
                                       — Betty McRose, Baltimore, Maryland

“Fantastic book. I have already put this in motion and am watching my life change instantly. It has been less than a week and I am already seeing prosperity walk into my life.
                                       — Ogo Mkparu, London, England

“I recommend this book to everyone who wants to take responsibility for their own lives and finally start to exercise their inherent right to be properous and happy. Make your dreams your reality! Do it now! Read this book!”
                                       — Sarah Cooper, Chicago, Illinois

“It’s a must read book for every person on this planet, I have read many books on financial management but never ever came across one so special.”
                                       — Salil, Newark, New Jersey

“Victor’s book is so logical and well written, concise in its explanation and application, that I feel this time I cannot fail. I finally have the information in a form I can grasp. I feel that I have a roadmap for success, with Victor right here coaching me every step of the way.”
                                       — Satchel Bernadin, Los Angeles, California

“I have, of course, had wonderful results and continue to do so. Wishing you the best of everything and thanks for the million.”
                                       — Matthew Gardiner, Fairmont, Minnesota

“I absolutely love this book. It was so direct so clear. This book just gave me the missing information that I somehow did not get elsewhere. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Victor. I appreciate you sharing this with the world.”
                                       — Samantha Patel, Columbus, Ohio

“This book worked for me. After applying the techniques, within one and half months, I got promotion to the next level. Feeling really lucky that now onward my life is going to be positive about my financial matters.”
                                       — Goutam Sarker, Albany, New York

“Phenomenal book indeed! This has been an eye opener for me. If you are surrounded by living a negative lifestyle and/or around negative people, this book is definitely for you.”
                                       — Britt, Phoenix, Arizona

“Just a note to let you know I have been using your book for over 10 years. I always go back to it. I’ve had a lot work that seemed impossible at the time.”
                                       — Alexandra Lawson, Dallas, Texas

“The very best book of it’s kind on the market! I recommend this book to you if you are serious about making more money!”
                                       — Chris Severn, Detriot, Michigan

“Remarkable book! Victor writes to give it several weeks, but I started noticing changes immediately including an offer for a new job. I’m also seeing all sorts of other areas in my life shifting. Great book and so easy to follow. Very grateful for this work!”
                                       — Firehorse, Glendale, California

“A great concept that the whole world should be using. God bless Victor Boc.”
                                       — Marjorie Henry-Lawrence, Great Britain

“Outstanding and very simple! The book was a can’t-put-down type of book. If everyone followed this, they would be far and away much happier.”
                                       — R. Jones, Las Vegas, Nevada

“So many self-help books are full of fluff, or are advertisements for more expensive programs offered by the author. With Mr. Boc, I never once got the sense that he was trying to sell me anything. It was clear that he found a method for improving his life and that he simply wanted to share it with the rest of us. In addition, so many books speak in vagaries and never commit to describing exactly what you need to do. Mr. Boc, for better or worse, lays out exactly what you should do. It’s a gutsy move. His ideas made enough sense to me that I have folllowed them religiously for the past 13 months. I believe this qualifies me to say whether or not the system works. I can easily say that my life is so so so much better than it was 13 months ago, and it is clear to me that it has to do with following Mr. Boc’s methods. I was miserable and stressed; I tried these methods; and now I’m relaxed and happy. On every measurable level, my life is better than it was, by far. The book works. To Mr. Boc: Thank you for the ideas that have so improved my life. To anyone on the fence about buying this book: I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
                                       — Ben Marlin, New York, New York

“All I ever wanted was to be rich. I didn’t think it would ever happen. But that was before this book came into my life, and the $135 thousand I just made.”
                                       — Will Franklin, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Great Book. I am going through a frustrating time in my life, I lost my sister on February 8th. Every time I vow to myself to make a change in my life, a tragedy happens, or I receive devastating news. Mr. Boc is allowing me to push forward in getting the financial help needed. I’m forever Grateful to Mr. Boc.”
                                       — Sukima I., Auburn Hills, Michigan

“I don’t do book reviews, but I must say this book is great! I read a lot, and this book has connected the dots!”
                                       — Big Kahuna, from Amazon.com

“Thank you to Victor Boc for writing this gem! I have noticed a personal change, feeling terrific about myself! This is a surprising bonus and an indication that this approach works. Do I think that everyone ought to read this book? Absolutley! Have fun!”
                                       — Fernanda da Silva Tatley, St. Louis, Missouri

“Victor, I will never be able to thank You enough for writing and explaining your ideas in such a brilliant and easy to absorb way. The image you painted explains usually difficult to understand concepts, relating to quantum physics and scientific findings, put in practical, easy to apply and functional method. The moment I started reading the first pages, it felt like someone began to tickle my heart and heat it up giving me not only hope, but inspiration.”
                                       — Annya Joy, New York, New York

Wow! Best written book ever. Such a brain guessing game he is playing :)))) Don’t read any other money book. Buy this.”
                                       — Deniz Turkcu, Istanbul, Turkey

“What an excellent book! I have to admit, I thought great, here is another book on positive thinking mumbo jumbo... but it was so much more than that, and the process actually made sense. Besides giving a clear-cut to-the-point method, I can say the best part of this book is that it offered me hope. It’s a breath of fresh air to know that I have the power to change all of this. Furthermore, I can change this with a practical approach; I don’t have to wait for the “white light to fill my body and take me to another plane of existence while I listen for the spirits of my ancestors whispering in my ear in the language of the ancient cultures“ or other crazy approaches that I could just not relate to. I’m so thankful to have come across this book.”
                                       — Marcela Ticas, Phoenix, Arizona

“The method in this book has changed my life so totally for the better, I don’t even think I’m the same person I was eight months ago.”
                                       — Jennifer Langston, Hammond, Indiana

“The level of detail in this book makes it different from other books on the subject. Victor truly takes the reader by the hand and provides many examples that leave no doubt about what to do. Victor’s sincere generosity and true willingness to help the reader are obvious. Other authors take every possible opportunity for self-promotion by marketing their other programs, books, coaching business, etc. Victor, on the other hand, went beyond the call of duty by providing resources and ideas that helped clarify the concepts or processes, as well as inspire and motivate the reader, without any blatant ulterior motive. Victor, please know that this was duly noted and much appreciated!! Thank You!!!”
                                       — Monica Moreno, San Juan Capistrano, Californa

“This is great. I have used it, and it works. Don’t knock it till you try it.”
                                       — Jude Horowitz, Sacramento, California

“My cousin told me about this. I was sure it was a bunch of stupidity like she’s always into. Boy was I wrong. Now we’re both on our way to being rich. And I owe her a Cadillac.”
                                       — Richard Harris Ames, Nashville, Tennessee

“I bought this book on October 21st and could not put it down. So started my two prong system on Nov 2nd. I am a real estate investor and a realtor and wanted to take my business to the next level. So today, Dec 14th I have 3 buyers, and my income from that is 16K in 30 days. And I landed a deal that I will profit 100k, and also I made $15K commission on the same property. I knew this was going to work, but I wanted to apply the two prong system myself and then write the testimonial. This is beautiful! PS: I will be buying many copies of this book to give to my family and friends.”
                                       — Blue Rain, Houston, Texas

“This works. I saw my life do a 180 in about 2 months. It happened so fast so completely, I’m actually still in shock. Other things follow besides money. My relationships changed, and I started to receive more than I expected. I wish I could thank the author personally.”
                                       — Romee Trofort, Detroit, Michigan

“I stuck with this method about a week after I read the book. What I will say with absolute certainty is that it absolutely works!”
                                       — Tiffany Sloanparks, Seattle, Washington

“Every once in a while, I find a book that just “clicks with me“ and talks to me like a trusted friend. I’ve implemented the process the author describes, and you know what? I’m seeing a lot of really amazing and positive financial blessings taking place in my life. It’s working for me. I thank him for having put in the effort to write this little gem of a book. Do yourself a favor and get this book.”
                                       — George Levy, Aventura, Florida

“In the first month of doing this, I saw results of $14,000 flow into my life.”
                                       — Amy Can, Chicago, Illinois

“This book contains a method that works! Do you want to break through the life of tripping on the rubble of life and learn to run down the highway instead? Do exactly what Victor says. And see for yourself. I can report that Victor Boc has nailed something that is totally subtle, but completely powerful. Rock On, Victor!”
                                       — Onceagain, from Amazon.com

“This book COMPLETELY changed the way I look at money, and has completely changed my income. WOO!”
                                       — Josh K., Vancouver, BC, Canada

“This book will teach you about yourself. This book will give you a path to take. This book is positive and uplifting. We are more than we think! And try the methods Victor Boc advises, and you will see changes in your life. I thank Victor Boc for believing in all of us! And giving us the way to enrich our lives. Read it, it’s worth it!”
                                       — Joyful Reader, Illinois

“I wish I would have found/read this book years ago. But maybe the time wasn’t right for me until now. The author doesn’t leave you wondering what steps to take, it’s all there step by step. Thank you for this wonderful book!”
                                       — Chris Anson, Columbia, Missouri

“This book was introduced to me by a lady who does coaching for our firm. She told us of some of the astonishing results others have seen after practicing his “two prong method.” I was skeptical at first, but after I started reading it, I absolutely could not put it down. Regardless of your situation, financial or otherwise, the book is written in such a way that you know there is hope. Just follow his instructions, and you’re on your way.”
                                       — Sam Rutherford, Sacramento, California

“I just had $9,850.00 literally fall into my hands. Totally unexpected... Wow. I decided to write this message about the 2-prong method immediately. This is true!”
                                       — Gary Henderson, Aurora, Colorado

“This book explores a perspective u don’t get from the typical Think And Grow Rich or Science of Getting Rich type reads. This book is different. Read it. Read it again. And do it.”
                                       — Peter FR, Los Angeles, California

“This is an amazing book and for so many reasons. I don’t plan to look for any other such books in the future either. When you’ve found a keeper, why bother? Author, Victor Boc provides a comprehensive, easy to implement, step-by-step plan to help anyone achieve a more balanced, prosperous and successful life, on all levels. And he delivers in a big way!!! If you are on the fence about a money or a life-enhancing book to buy, buy this one! You won’t be sorry.”
                                       — Geraldine H. Hartman, Vancouver, British Columbia

“From now on, my mind is going to be wide open because I found the real reason behind my economical situation. Thank you Mr. Victor Boc for sharing your knowledge with people like me. God bless you.”
                                       — Carmen Bermudez, Jacksonville, Florida

“This two prong method is very simple, and I feel that this is the biggest key in being able to attract anything. Love it!”
                                       — Stormy Summers, Boston, Massachusetts

“I bought this book and began implementing the system described in it about one year ago. I had a vision enter my mind out of “thin air.” I realized I had invented a product. I just found out a month ago it will be researched/piloted next month at my facility. Everyone at my work is saying I am going to be a multi-millionaire. I am telling everyone about this book. I am convinced it’s the real deal. I have been working at this manifesting thing for about 20 years, and have never experienced results like this in my life. Thank God I found it.”
                                       — A reader from New Jersey

“Absolutely blindingly brilliant. A book that will change your life forever .... guaranteed. I know it has mine.”
                                       — An Amazon Customer, London, England

“I would pay by the hour for this book, as I am having so much fun. You will be amazed how you feel. You will look forward to the next day.. then next.. etc.. I had a very pressing issue, with a matter of days to find a solution. Guess What? It worked out... with all odds stacked against it. Thank You, Victor Boc.”
                                       — Debbie Kane, Dallas, Texas

“The best advice you’ll ever read is in this phenomenal book. It’s right there. Read it.”
                                       — Alice Cross, Alabama

“This book is by far the best complete book on this subject I have ever read. I have read many, many books over the years (probably in the neighborhood of 30). This book has finally given me the key to what is missing. The concepts will truly change your life. If you consider yourself a follower of positive thinking, you need to add this book to your library, and I truly feel that it will be the last book you will need. It has only been a few days since I started implementing the techniques in the book, and I have already seen changes. I can’t say it enough - Read This Book!”
                                       — Jim Stewart, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I sometimes feel like I don’t want anyone else to read this book cuz I wanna keep it secret just for myself. Not very Christian, I know. But I don’t really feel that way.”
                                       — Julie Frank, Pennsylvania

“Fantastic !!!! Love this book. I will keep it for ever. My life has changed since I read this book. Highly recommended to people that are trap on difficult situations and want to change their thoughts and perception of money.”
                                       — Melba Kighton, London, England

“I bought this book based on the great reviews, but I was skeptical. But the wisdom is truly priceless. It goes beyond just attracting money, and touches on manifesting wishes in other areas of your life too. In the past, I had tried all kinds of investments, and nothing really worked, I lost money. It has been 5 months since I started the two prong approach, and money is flowing to me (without me really trying). Victor said, prepare to be shocked.... Instead of bills piling up on my table, I have checks piling up.”
                                       — Dale Stockton, Richmond, Virginia

“This is the last such book you will need to read.”
                                       — Luis E. Garc´┐Ża de Alba Diaz, Mexico, D.F. Mexico

“The best book I in have ever read. I practiced the two prong method, and within a few weeks my life changed forever. “
                                       — Eric Smith, Makawao, Hawaii

“I have read many, many how-to books on money/prosperity/abundance, etc, but nothing has hit home for me as this book has. It is working for me. I started 2 weeks ago, and within 3 days I had a small lottery win. A few days later I had another lottery win, 6 times the first amount! Point is, I rarely win anything in the lottery! There are other changes I am noticing too. This is an amazing book, effortless to read and implement and a must-have for anyone who is serious about changing their ability to attract money into their lives. If that is you, I can only urge you to get it now! It Works! Enjoy!”
                                       — Happy Creator, Cape Town, South Africa

“Life changing. A must read book. Highly recommended.”
                                       — Paul Burmeister, Kasumigaura City, Japan

“A MUST READ for anyone that feels like they’re on life’s financial hamster wheel. If you often feel like you’re “so close“ but just can’t figure out what the missing piece is- then this book is DEFINITELY for you.”
                                       — Sean Watson, Seattle, Washington

“This is just a quick message to share that within a week of reading your book, I started having miracles my way!! Literally finding cash in envelopes that I remember Emptying... maybe I did not look right, but it was amazing to find what I needed to pay a bill. It works!”
                                       — Simone Severo, Dallas, Texas

“The only money book that gives the real answers to questions on how to acquire wealth and abundance on almost everything relative to money matters. Honest Wisdom. This book is really the first of its kind. This book can make us all free from money worries and all things associated with money, this book can make all the difference in our life to live happy and at peace. The author of this book will not disappoint you, he really does give the magic formula with clear vision. A very precious and intelligent gift to all, worth a million bucks, priceless.”
                                       — Irene Buenavista, Charleston, South Carolina

“I wonder how this method can be so powerful. How can that be? Anyway, who cares. I’m going to keep using it anyway.”
                                       — Roger Chambers, West Covina, California

“Brilliant. I loved this book. Boc’s intelligence is palpable through its chapters that guide you, and his caring of the reader sounds very genuine. He was already very successful in every way when he wrote this book. That he took the effort to do so shows his generosity. I started practicing one of his strategies and seriously, my money situation started turning around after the second week.”
                                       — Tamara Stojanovic, Miami, Florida

“If you doubt this can work, like I did, just put it to the test, like I did. My net worth is about a half a million dollars more now, because I tried it. A word to the wise....”
                                       — Steve K, Yonkers, New York

“This by far is the best book on attracting wealth I have EVER read!.. Absolutely amazing explanation as to why we don’t attract wealth...”
                                       — An Amazon Customer, Arlington, Virginia

“This was one of the very best, most well thought out books I’ve ever read. I can tell that Mr. Boc has put a great deal of effort into this book to make it as easy to understand and straightforward as possible. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first. But I have never read a book that was so inspirational and, yet, so honest and straightforward. It rivals the timeless giants in its genre. This book was just THAT good. And I read tons of books like this. Victor Boc’s book is a necessary item to have on your bookshelf, no joke.”
                                       — D/C Russ, U.S.A.

“Read it. Follow it. Do it. It is that simple. Finally a book that puts it all together.”
                                       — David King, Denver, Colorado

“In the three days since I started this technique, my husband finally received two checks for jobs he’d been supposed to be paid for weeks ago, my son got a nice new pair of shoes he desperately needed, and my sister-in-law sent me an Oragami Owl necklace, which I had always wanted one, but never told her that. And yes, I had written all those things down immediately after reading the book! Thank you, Mr. Boc, for my new outlook on life!”
                                       — April Pinkard, Montgomery, Alabama

“I have read The Secret and many more. They are really good. This takes it all to another level. Read it. I have started to see changes already and I’ve only just started.”
                                       — Jacquie, Manchester, England

“As others, I was skeptical going in. In fact, I was secretly reading the book and implementing the steps in a very covert way. That didn’t last long. Things began to align and I have seen a shift back to attracting exactly what I’m looking for. Now it’s a part of my life. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take a ton of time. There’s no excuse to not continue.”
                                       — J. Devitt, Miami, Florida

“Thanks for this book. I am from Karachi, Pakistan. Your book is Ranking No.1 book ever I read.”
                                       — Abdul Wahid, Karachi, Pakistan

“Where Victor’s book is different is his method of teaching. He has written the book in a way where I applied what I’ve already known in a more effective way, and I did indeed see positive results within a few days!”
                                       — Star Bright, Los Angeles, California

“I own waaaay too many books on LOA, improving one’s direction in life etc., This book should of been my first purchase years ago. It would of been my last! Clear, direct, but deep. Worth more than 5 stars.”
                                       — J. Phillips, Atlanta, Georgia

“I was unemployed, weighed down by expenses, trying to rebuild my house and tens of thousands of pounds short of what I needed. I can honestly say that the process works! The house is finished and looks amazing, I have a new job and most importantly have a new found appreciation of the abundance in my daily life (beyond money) and power of my own subconscious mind. Don’t just buy this book. Do the thinking. Change your life.”
                                       — Vernon, London, England

“I wanted so much to prove that this type of thing doesn’t work. Instead I ended up proving that it DOES! Don’t let your pride get in the way..... read this book and do it.
                                       — Adam Stover, St. Paul, Minnesota

“This book is all you need to solve your money problems! It’s the first self help book I have read which puts the whole method together and gives you a two pronged approach to solving all your money problems. I am only following the methodology for 10 days but already I can see money coming in sooner rather than later.”
                                       — Pat O’Donoghue, Dublin, Ireland

“I love this book! It gives you hope. I will not read anything else on this subject, so I don’t get distracted from following Victor’s 2 prong method. You will love this book!”
                                       — A Customer on Amazon.com

“I have already had some early success. I was advised by my insurance broker this morning by sms that I will be receiving a no claim bonus in a cash refund. This was totally unexpected, especially since I have NEVER received one of these in more than the 40 years that I have been paying house holders insurance. In fact, I have never received a refund of any insurance ever. So in about 5 days, I have already had a positive result, albeit relatively small, but Hey, it feeds a family of three, three times a day, for about a week. Very nice, thank you.”
                                       — Richard Smit, Johannesbug, South Africa

“This book is excellent. It shows how to FINALLY break all your money addictions FOREVER. And this is no joke. It might sound too good to be true, but I’ve been following the steps outlined in the book (which take only 10 minutes/day) for 20 days now, and the flow of money is already being established!”
                                       — Tiago Buhr, New York, New York

“I finished your book how to solve all your money problems forever and I’m deeply impacted by it. I’ve never felt so confident following instructions from a book. You gave me simple things to focus on and made it digestible. It made the dots connect on all the success material I’ve been consuming for the last 5 years.”
                                       — Dontae Fernandez, Portland, Oregon

“I had this book for almost 4 years now and I only read half of it. After reading ‘The Ultimate Coach,’ I saw your book in there and picked it up again... I finished it in 6-7 days and have been applying the techniques for 3-4 days, and I signed a client yesterday for $2200! Suddenly I am mostly caught up on all my bills, and I can literally feel my old beliefs being released from my subconscious mind! What a clear, concise, powerful and effective book, brother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
                                       — Robert Talarico, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“If you study this and practice the two prong method it will change your life and solve all your money problems! Be willing to do more than just read it, and it works!”
                                       — Anita Barfoot, Houston, Texas

“This was a heck of a read. Very eye opening, straight to the point. Loved it, recommend everyone to read and learn from this teaching.”
                                       — Robin Metcalfe, Hesperia, California

“This book is easily one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life, the kind to pass on to everyone throughout the ages and cemented legendary status on this book. I love Victor’s style of writing as I feel like I’m on video chat or on the phone discussing this with him.”
                                       — Stan Wolcott, Boston, Massachusetts

“I loved loved loved this book! You may think it’s written hundreds of years ago, but no, it’s written in this times with time-tested wisdom.”
                                       — Andrea Bravo, California

“I have read many get rich books on law of attraction from ‘The Science of Getting Rich,’ ‘The Secret’ and many more. But I have never ever read such a detailed book on how to get rich. This specifically tells you on how to get more money and have a successful life. I recommend this book to all who like to be rich and happy.”
                                       — Premraj Silva, Miami, Florida

“I am free of money worries forever!!! Thank you for writing down the ancient secrets of life.”
                                       — Kim L. Roebuck, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I’m in my seventh day of using the two-prong method. By reading your book, I was astonished to confirm to myself that all the things that I thought existed to control our lives are real! I feel great now, better than ever, as the changes occur in my life.”
                                       — Ricardo Golan, Mexico City, Mexico

“Everyone should think this way about money. If you have anxiety about money, this book will help you overcome that. When I first got it, I thought it was going to be about balance sheets and budgeting, but it turned out to be much more than that. I loved the explanations of what money really is and what it stands for. I love a book that shows me a better way to think about something that affects every person living in modern society.”
                                       — Samantha, Albany, New York

“This is by far the greatest book written on this matter. Victor Boc has written a treatise on the subject. He is just outstanding in the way he leads you into the matter so you can get the best results.”
                                       — Antonio Alvarez, Panama

“This book really put the pieces together for me. I have read multiple “self-help“ books, but I love the step by step instructions and the explanation of why it works the way it works!! I really liked how this book was a practical guide and not just a spiritual read.”
                                       — Theresa Kistner, Chicago, Illinois

“I so appreciate that Victor Boc re-released this uplifting book in both print and Kindle versions. Victor explains in detail exactly how we repel and attract money. He offers numerous encouraging stories.”
                                       — Laura Venecia Rodriguez, Silver Spring, Maryland

“I liked everything about this book, from the positive attitude to the excitement Victor generates as he explains his holistic approach to solving your money problems. This is a very, very good book.”
                                       — Dailybread, Sydney, Australia

“Your book is a bridge that connects all the dots in my spiritual search that has lasted the past 12 years. Much appreciation and gratitude from a fellow from Finland, Europe.”
                                       — Sami Laitinen, Helsinki, Finland

“My view of myself in this world continues to improve as a result of this book.”
                                       — Susan Serfass, Eliot, Maine

“Well, you’re hearing from me and you’ve probably heard from many others. I guess they all love you. I guess I love you too.”
                                       — Lauren Ridge, East Setauket, New York


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